DOYLE HARDWOOD FLOORSQ: Who is responsible for moving the furniture before you arrive to our home to refinish our wood floors ?

A: We usually prefer to have the rooms empty of all furniture but if there are larger pieces we are more then happy to assist the home owners.

Q: Do you the owner do the actual work or do you use subcontractors to do the jobs for you ?
A: We do not use subcontractors and all the work is performed by Richard Doyle and his staff.

Q: Do I have to hang plastic or drop clothes over the doorways so dust won’t travel through out my home ?
A: Even though we use a state of the art dustless sanding system we take the time to hang plastic where necessary as an extra courtesy.

Q: Does you company just sand and refinish wood floors or do you install them as well ?
A: We do install all types of wood flooring including unfinished solid hardwood, pre finished solid hardwood flooring, and engineered flooring.

Q: How long have you been in business ?
A: We were first established in 1986 and Richard Doyle has been in the hardwood flooring business since 1978.

Q: What is screen sanding and coating ?
A: Screen sanding and coating is when we do a light sanding with a buffer to scuff up the surface of an existing floor finish before we apply a new coat of floor finish.

Q: Does you company pull up and dispose of wall to wall carpet ?
A: for an additional charge we will remove the carpet, padding, tack strip, and staples and dispose of from the job site.

Q: What happens to the dust that is left over from the sanding ? Are the bags of dust left at my home and are we responsible to get rid of it ?
A: Our company disposes of all dust properly and nothing is left at you home.

Q: Does you company have insurance ?
A: We carry full general liability and workers comp. and certificates are available upon request.

Q: How dustless is dustless ?
A: Our dust containment system is so dustless that we do not even wear dust masks as we had to do so before using our dustless sanding system. Feel free to click on the “video” link at our website —

Q: What is the difference between oil base polyurethane and water base floor finish ?
A: Traditional oil base polyurethane will amber or orange over time where water base floor finish will not Oil base polyurethane takes 8 to 12 hours to dry for each coat where water base finishes only takes about an hour for each coat to dry.
Oil base polyurethane has a much stronger oder then water base floor finishes.
Water base floor finish is more expensive then oil base polyurethane but like anything you do get what you pay for with a lot of benefits if you choose water base over oil base.

Q: What does you company recommend oil base or water base floor finishes ?
A: Both the oil base polyurethane and water base floor finishes we use are a commercial grade made by the ” Bona” company. If it is with in the home owners budget we highly recommend going with the water base finish system.

Q: if I want to change the look of my existing wood floors can your company stain them a different color ?
A: Yes our company can stain and/or dye your wood floors any number of both oil and water based stains available.

Q: What areas of Massachusetts does your company cover ?
A: Most of our job locations cover south eastern Mass. from Weymouth down to Plymouth. We do travel south of Plymouth and into Boston occasionally upon request as well as up Rte.128 covering the towns of Milton, Canton, Sharon, etc.